Let’s Talk About…: Facials and Our Expectations vs. Reality

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and ruminate on a single word: facial.

I’d like to think that this particular word resonates positively with most people. Visions of creamy, sweet-smelling balms and lotions, well-trained hands massaging the tightness out of neglected cheeks and the comforting, empowering knowledge that you’re pampering yourself for you and you alone.

This vision is a lie.

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Let’s Talk About…: Makeup, Beauty Standards and Blemishes

Before……….Wait For It…………After!

As is made clear in the photo above, I have skin issues. When I was in my teens, I prayed for the day when I would finally be finished with puberty and my skin would be healthy, flawless, ivory, “woman’s” skin. Now nearly 22 years of age, I’ve come to terms with biology: something about my ancestry, skin care regimen, hormones, etc. creates blemishes on my face. End of story. I have also been blessed with panda-esque dark circles and dark, thick eyebrows that grow at an alarming rate.

I’m flawed, not flawless.

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