Life On Planet Mars: Assume Intersectionality

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, procrastinating about getting up as long as I possibly could, I came across a number of posts reminding Marchers from the recent Women’s March Anniversary that if their Feminism isn’t Intersectional Feminism, it isn’t Feminism at all. I agree with this concept, wholeheartedly.

But, what is Intersectionality, exactly?

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Mars, signing in.

Hello, Interwebs.

Amara, here. But please, call me Mars.

I’m just another blogger, wanting to share my take on life with the world. I’m opinionated, close minded, stuck in my ways and tactless.

Hello, there.
Hello, there.

But I’m also aware of my faults, curious, eager to see through many different perspectives and not afraid to admit my mistakes.

So…want to be friends?

Mars, signing off. ◇