Let’s Talk About…: Don’t Send Unsolicited Pics of Your “Junk”. Just Don’t.

In preparation for the writing of this article, I did a very casual poll to see how many of the people I knew had, at some point in their lives, been sent a photo of ANY genitalia that they did not ask for. I made a point of asking friends from different ethnic / moral /  religious / sexual / educational / geographical / comedic backgrounds and truly attempted to get varying answers from varying lifestyles. In total, 20 humans answered.

Can you guess how many of them have received one?

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Life On Planet Mars: Assume Intersectionality

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, procrastinating about getting up as long as I possibly could, I came across a number of posts reminding Marchers from the recent Women’s March Anniversary that if their Feminism isn’t Intersectional Feminism, it isn’t Feminism at all. I agree with this concept, wholeheartedly.

But, what is Intersectionality, exactly?

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Let’s Talk About…: Trump Won. I’m Terrified. Still, We’ll Get Through This Together.

This is the post I thought I’d never have to write.

I had so much faith in the people living within this country. Even if the race was close, even if for a split second we were afraid he would somehow pull all the stops and nearly succeed, I felt in my heart that there was no possible way this man would be elected to the highest office in the land.

This is the post I thought I would never have to write.

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Let’s Talk About…: Getting Through the Holidays When You’re Riding Solo


Ahhh, the holidays. After the sweet, freshness of Spring and the sun-soaked heat of summer, October comes along and lays out the red carpet for four of the biggest holidays in the U.S. – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

This is meant to be a time of joy, togetherness and memories made! It is a time to spend with the ones in our lives that we love: plenty of opportunities for romantic moments with our partner, extended family visiting and plans with our close family, and meet ups and gift exchanges with our closest of friends. The coming months should be filled with anticipation, preparation and excitement as we kick off the new year!

But, this season also begs the question:

What do you do if you’re alone?

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Let’s Talk About…: Re-Thinking The Bar Pick Up

When I think “bar pick up”, this is the scenario that plays in my head:

Scene: Poorly lit, slightly grungy bar, somewhere downtown. Trendy house music booms at a level that reverberates through your chest, while lasers create a light-show effect overhead. At the bar, a vision in red sits cross-legged, ebony hair pushed to one side, stirring her radioactively-pink drink with a straw. A well dressed man with a confident swagger approaches, takes the seat adjacent to her and looks her dead in the eye. He speaks:

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Let’s Talk About…: Makeup, Beauty Standards and Blemishes

Before……….Wait For It…………After!

As is made clear in the photo above, I have skin issues. When I was in my teens, I prayed for the day when I would finally be finished with puberty and my skin would be healthy, flawless, ivory, “woman’s” skin. Now nearly 22 years of age, I’ve come to terms with biology: something about my ancestry, skin care regimen, hormones, etc. creates blemishes on my face. End of story. I have also been blessed with panda-esque dark circles and dark, thick eyebrows that grow at an alarming rate.

I’m flawed, not flawless.

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