Let’s Open…: Facetory Subscription Box


Could there be anything more wonderful than a sheet mask?!

Okay, there are a lot of wonderful things in the world…but one of my favorite monthly treats is the delivery of my subscription box from Facetory!


Since I began using Korean face masks, many years ago, I cannot believe the changes I’ve seen in the quality of my skin. As someone who has struggled with acne and it’s “joys” since puberty, I can remember feeling hopeless and discouraged, convinced I would never be able to achieve that dewy, porcelain skin I longed for. Truthfully, there’s still some work to be done until I reach that goal, but a consistent sheet mask regimen has brought about healing beyond my hopes – and that’s where Facetory steps in!

This months’ jewels from my Seven Lux box  are from a variety of brands. A couple I’m familiar with, but most are new to me!

MD’s Pick I Don’t Know Yesterday Brightening Mask

I love brightening products, so it will be very interesting to see how effective a one-time use mask will be in bringing out the sunshine!

Entia No Filter Brightening Camera Mask

This adorable little thing is without a doubt the sheet mask I am most excited to try! The capsule in the top right corner is a “Vitamin C ampoule to encourage bright, smooth skin” and the mask is intended to be used just before snapping a selfie! I’m tempted to keep the packaging and repurpose it into an art project – it’s so darn cute!!!

When, Simply When, Cosmic Calm Mask

If only this WHEN mask could soothe the stress out of my life as well as my stressed out skin…

Leaders Juicy Mojito Clearing Mask

Something tells me I’ll be mixing a drink to enjoy with this mask…Mojitos, anyone???

Jeju:en Camellia Wrinkle Care – Extreme Micro Silky Mask

It’s never too early to begin preventative wrinkle care. The kinder you are to your skin, the longer it will last you!

NOHJ Modeling Mask Serum Squalane

The packaging on this mask is absolutely gorgeous – I spent quite a while tilting it this way and that, watching it sparkle under the light. Maybe it will make my face sparkle too!

MVP Lab Magic Bubble Mask

There has been such a craze for all things that bubble – this mask is with the times! Grapefruit extract, along with several other magical ingredients will fizzle away, “leaving your face squeaky clean”!

For more information on these masks or Facetory’s subscription boxes, feel free to head over to their website here.

And wherever you find your masks, happy masking!

Mars, signing off. ◊

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