I Am The Privileged Minority


I was born into privilege.

Miles from “the hood”,

was given every opportunity a “white” girl should.

Pissed it all away in highschool getting D’s and F’s,

but now I wish I had read those chapters, tried my best.

Because the whole rest of the world is desperate for a decent education.

Women acidified and killed, seeking self-actualization.

Knowledge was handed to me, in a sippy cup, with handles on both sides.

But I was ditching class, fighting the system,

too stupid to realize.

My education is the thing that has opened many doors in my life…

but my skin. My skin delivers me from strife.

You think I’m white?

Sure, I’m white. 10%.

But I’m mostly of Iraqi and Spanish decent.

American Indian, Egyptian, bits and pieces of European,

but at first glance?

Assumed race?

Mixed, but White is what you’re seeing.

I am the Privileged Minority. And I owe that privilege to being near-ivory.

Even so, I cannot, “Just wait it out…”. Will not, “Give Trump a chance…”

whilst the country falls down around me.

He lost his chance –  when he began his rhetoric of racism, sexism, bigotry, hatred, oppression, intolerance and disrespect.

I will not set my fear of this man aside.

I cannot forget.

I won’t be silent – won’t sit and watch while millions of people are deported.

I won’t be silent – as hundreds of thousands of women are sexually assaulted, their tears ignored.

I won’t be silent – as LGBT+ Human Beings are being treated as “less than”.

I won’t stomach the hypocrisy of this forming group of supremacist, white men.

To be sure, I am a “nasty woman” that cannot be controlled.

I will not silently accept this fascist America and do as I’m told.

I am the privileged minority but I will not be silent.

My education gave me words to speak and with these words,

in the defense of what is right,

I will be violent.

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