Life On Planet Mars: Cousin Lacey Jay and Craig’s Wedding~

Love is in the air!

I recently had the opportunity to attend and shoot some photos at my cousin’s wedding. Cousin Lacey and Craig had both their ceremony and reception in a lovely hotel courtyard, overlooking Pismo Beach, CA. It had rained the day before, but the weather for the wedding was truly glorious, and provided the perfect backdrop for pictures.

IMG_6261 IMG_6264 IMG_6285 IMG_6323 IMG_6355 IMG_6373 IMG_6389 IMG_6391 IMG_6392

The bride looked stunning.

IMG_6415 IMG_6434 IMG_6443

The food was delicious.

IMG_6275 IMG_6342 IMG_6352 IMG_6436

The flower girls were adorable.

IMG_6321 IMG_6326 IMG_6340 IMG_6407 IMG_6461

And the couple was on cloud nine.

IMG_6314 IMG_6447 IMG_6455 IMG_6474

I’m not one of those people who gets incredibly emotional at weddings, but even I think it’s hard to escape the magic they create. The very air is full of joy and good will and love. The cynic in me wonders what the newlyweds first fight will be about, the optimist in me wishes it could bottle the beams of happiness coming off of their faces and put the bottle in the freezer, for a rainy day. Marriages that truly last are so hard to come by in this new world of instant gratification and “if it breaks, get a new one” mentalities. Love’s name has been sullied, cheapened, price-tagged, discarded without care – tying the knot takes a huge leap of faith. And I truly believe these two, who have only been strengthened by adversity and distance, have what it takes and will be blessed in their new life together.

Congratulations, you two.

Mars, signing off. ◊


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