Let’s Talk About…: 5 Of My Blogging Pet Peeves

Most people have one: that one, tiny little trigger that simply drives you crazy as soon as you discover it. It might be only in that one, individual post or it might be something that’s a constant on someone’s blog. Some people have more than others. Some people find them only slightly distracting while others cannot even enjoy the blog when they find one.

Here is a short, incomplete list of a few of my blogging pet peeves!

1) Selfies in front of toilets! I get it. Bathrooms have mirrors, mirrors make selfies easier and selfies are often a bloggers friend. The thing that I don’t get is why so many bloggers allow their bathroom selfies to be photobombed by white, shiny, porcelain thrones! My eye instantly goes straight to the toilet, I think, “…that’s not very classy…” and I forget all about how lovely they look today! I’m telling you, it’s a tragedy. I want to be swept away by their ensemble and the only thing I can do is hope that the bathroom in which they’re posing is a well ventilated one.

2) Not using spell check! Mistakes are going to happen. No matter how many times we read and re-read, some mistakes are going to slip through the cracks. But so many of them could be avoided by just pushing that little ABC over that check symbol in the top toolbar! That’s what it’s there for, people!!!

3) Not answering comments! This subject has a bit more wiggle room, I feel. For those well established bloggers, with hundreds of thousands of people commenting on each and every one of their posts, I completely understand not answering all of them. However, when there’s only one comment on your post and you won’t take the moment out of your day to answer it or at least ‘like’ it? That just seems plain inconsiderate to me. Especially because I love getting comments. When a reader actually has something to say about one of my posts after reading it, I’m excited to read it and am happy to respond to their thought.

4) Shock appeal headlines! Call me old-fashioned but I don’t enjoy being slapped in the face with profanity or sex in an attempt to get me to read your post.

5) The “FOLLOW ME” obsession! As a new blogger, I am absolutely tickled pink every single time I see that “new follower” notification pop up. I feel no shame in admitting it. This blog did not begin with the thought of having a legion of followers in mind, but it’s such a treat to think that there are people reading the things that I write and enjoying the things that I post. I wasn’t expecting to have even 5 followers, let alone my current count of 32. But I can’t help being annoyed at the brand spanking new bloggers that are suddenly expecting to have 500,000 followers in two weeks. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that we aren’t entitled to anything in the blogosphere. We have to earn it, with consistency, substance, intriguing posts and time. And even then, if no one likes your posts all that much, so be it. I don’t think a blog can earn a true following if the reason behind it’s being is “likes”.

Mars, signing off. ◇


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About…: 5 Of My Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. I totally agree with everything! Especially on the not answering comments! If I take the time out of my day to read your post and write a well thought out comment…I don’t just want you to like it, at least have the courtesy to say thank you! I’ve had to work hard for the couple of followers I have now. Great post!

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