Let’s Talk About…: Fashion Underground SLO

San Luis Obispo is a small college town, nestled almost exactly half way between San Jose and Los Angeles, CA. It’s home of the California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), Mission San Luis Obispo and was even voted Happiest Place In America by Oprah, herself. I was relocated from Orange County when I was 10, after my mother remarried a man from the area. Now, as a local who’s been here for over a decade, all that I have to say is this:

San Luis Obispo is hell for the fashion forward.

This town has no diversity, no style, no acceptance of self-expression through clothing – their idea of street fashion is Ugg boots, short-shorts and baggy sweatshirts. Everyday. On dozens of girls.

We’re starving for fashion.

So in my desperation, I created Fashion Underground SLO: an organization and community dedicated to documenting and sharing the underground street fashion movement in this county. We stop fashionable individuals in the street and beg them to let us photograph their outfits, so that we might share their looks with others, inspire new outfits-of-the-day and remind the few fashionistas here that we are not alone.

My point: If you’re a fierce, fashion forward individual fighting the tide of weird looks, flip-flops and sweat pants, know this:

Our numbers are few and we’re often considered outcasts…but we are not alone. You just go ahead and do you, boo. ❤

Mars, signing off. ◇

F.U.Slo: Facebook


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