Let’s Review…: Urban Decay De-slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

IMG_5642I should preface this review by telling you: I love Urban Decay.

There has not been a single UD product that I haven’t been, at the very least, completely satisfied with. From their palettes to their lipsticks to their concealers and liners – I love Urban Decay.

If you’re sensing a bias, you’re absolutely right. However, don’t let my bias cloud your opinion of this product (though, even I was skeptical that a liquid product could help prevent moisture buildup).

Not one, but TWO caps?! What on earth is in this stuff…?

-Two caps: this feature will keep your purse much safer, if you’re one of those throw-everything-haphazardly-in-your-purse types (like me).
-Doubles as perfume: the aroma of this product, once applied, is very flowery. Two people actually asked me what perfume I was wearing, when I hadn’t applied any perfume but had applied this spray.
-Spray doesn’t feel heavy: I cannot stress enough just how light the spray feels throughout the entire course of the day. I truly forget that I have it on.

-Doubles as perfume: I’ve added this to the ‘cons’ category as well because the scent used to make this setting spray smell so lovely is a strong one. I’m pretty sensitive to smells, so if I inhale before this product has had the chance to dry a bit, it feels as if I’ve been slapped in the face with a very fragrant bouquet. This problem is fixed, of course, simply by not inhaling the product, which I’m positive no one should do anyway. Duh, Mars.

OTHER: Because of my personal preference, I occasionally like to finish up with a setting powder on top of my setting spray. I find that this fortifies the spray and gives me even more piece of mind. However, it isn’t necessary because the spray is very effective.

If you have trouble with oil control or shininess throughout the day, this is the setting spray for you. It goes on a little moist, but dries quickly. The aroma is pleasing and doesn’t smell heavily of chemicals, like some similar sprays. It goes on light, feels light all day and does exactly what it’s supposed to do: prevents the melting of your foundation as the day goes on.

Product: Urban Decay De-slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray
Rating: 4/5
Price: $30.00 @ Sephora
Get it: http://www.sephora.com/de-slick-oil-control-makeup-setting-spray-P277222

Mars, signing off. ◇

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