Let’s Talk About…: Don’t Send Unsolicited Pics of Your “Junk”. Just Don’t.

In preparation for the writing of this article, I did a very casual poll to see how many of the people I knew had, at some point in their lives, been sent a photo of ANY genitalia that they did not ask for. I made a point of asking friends from different ethnic / moral /  religious / sexual / educational / geographical / comedic backgrounds and truly attempted to get varying answers from varying lifestyles. In total, 20 humans answered.

Can you guess how many of them have received one?

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Let’s Talk About…: A Queen’s Guide to Catcalling

Take a moment and picture yourself going somewhere: maybe you’re heading to dominate at work or to educate yourself at school. You could be just stepping out to make an appearance on the streets or maybe you simply stepped out for a self-care walk and some fresh air.

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Life On Planet Mars: Assume Intersectionality

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, procrastinating about getting up as long as I possibly could, I came across a number of posts reminding Marchers from the recent Women’s March Anniversary that if their Feminism isn’t Intersectional Feminism, it isn’t Feminism at all. I agree with this concept, wholeheartedly.

But, what is Intersectionality, exactly?

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Let’s Review…: Mars’ Top 4 Korean Albums

Picture the scene: It’s 2007. Internet speeds are slower. Blackberrys are still in their prime. A teenage Mars sits in her “No Fear” sweatshirt, flare jeans and Ugg boots while “surfing the web” for new music. Lost on a tangent, searching random video to random video, sinking deeper and deeper into the unexplored depths of youtube space until suddenly – a masterpiece! The song was infectious and unlike anything I had ever heard before. I didn’t know it at the time, but that video would change my life forever.

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